Code Play Final: Game Fair Feat. Kurt Bieg and Chris Makris

PSAM.5550, Spring 2012 with Kanyang (Kyle) Li and Ramiro Corbetta

Code Play is an introductory course to interactive programming. The course covers a wide range of interaction/game topics and all the underlying workarounds required to make magic happen. Today is the last day of the course, we were thrilled to have Kurt Bieg and Chris Makris, two living indie game magicians (thanks Ramiro for inviting), to join our game fair. I want to thank Kurt and Chris again for their undivided attention through out the fair and their valuable comments for students. Here are some highlights:

Zombie Sweeper

by Maxim Safioulline

Zombies raised from the field of mine sweeper. Shoot gun? Of cause, but you have to sweep mines to get bullets!

Wonder Doll

by Nicole Del Senno and I-Shan Lin

“Jump! Alice, Jump!” Three levels of serious jumping business and beautiful beautiful assets.

The Collectors

by Haitham Ennasr

A 2-player banana trading game with Texas hold em fun!


by arShaan Sarang and Daniel Albuquerque

Life of a AMT game student is well presented in this light but action packed daydream.

Semantic Adventures

by Mohini Dutta

Don’t underestimate the creative power of words!! Also feat. Frodo, Legolas, Gandalf, troll, and Rich Uncle Pennybags, all in one game!


by Jane Friedhoff

The loudest Kinect shooting game ever! SCREAM TO SHOOT!


by Bryce Williams

Frying pan shooter in a culinary crisis. Cook those enemies into delicious dishes with burning missiles! *comes with complimentary boss fight!

Battle Isthmus

by Andrew Knaup

A 4-Player territorial match 3 game. Looking forward to the combo actions!

Alien SOS

by Amira Anne Pettus, WenChing Li, and I Chien Wu

jaw-dropping illustrations finished with a touch of burn tool (literally) Set in a surreal universe with eight unfortunate aliens who constantly put their lives on balancing acts.

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