Games For Change 2012 looking for Volunteers!

Games For Change 2012 needs Volunteers! This gets you an all access free pass to the festival, in return for helping around. For those of you who don’t know what Games For Change is, read on.

From the festival page:

The Games for Change Festival is the largest games event in New York City, and we need your help to make it a success. Volunteers enjoy the opportunity to network with game designers, civil society, the gaming industry, technologists and academics.

Volunteer for half the Festival and attend the other half for free! If you’re feeling industrious and have skills to offer, you can take on larger responsibilities in the lead up to the festival and during the event itself. This is an excellent chance to read the pulse of a rapidly growing, wide reaching field of innovation and social impact.

We will make every effort to assign you a volunteer position that matches your skills and interest.

Go to this link, fill out the form and get cracking!

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