Princeton Review sez Parsons is a Top Graduate Game Design School!

The Princeton Review did a survey, as they typically enjoy doing, and guess what? Game design academics and administrators think Parsons is among the top 18 graduate game design schools! Wow!

First, we’d like to thank our excellent games track faculty Nick Fortugno and Colleen Macklin. We also want to acknowledge our close institutional bonds to Games for Change and the Institute of Play. And just… oh, wow, gosh, thank you! You really love us! You really really love us!

*ahem* … They also included local rival NYU Game Center in the list, for some reason, which is weird because I thought they weren’t going to start their grad program until this Fall semester? How can people rate a program that hasn’t even started yet? Fortunately, I’m tactful enough not to make a big deal of it, and surely I wouldn’t dare to suggest they bribed and influenced the jury with those tasty brioche sandwiches they have at their events — oh man, the roast beef just melts in your mouth. I mean, if Princeton Review ever did a “Top Roast Beef at Game Design Schools” list, you can bet I’d rate NYU right at the very top.

(I do wish to acknowledge the strength and competency of the Game Center MFA program — look, I’ll even link to it — there are some very smart and amazing people there, and you’ll get a fantastic education. That said, we are positioned as a institutional rival to NYU, and some light teasing is really just that.)

3 Responses to “Princeton Review sez Parsons is a Top Graduate Game Design School!

  • Colleen
    12 years ago

    Robert: This is the best image for games at Parsons. Thank you.

  • Great post Robert! I love this imagery.

  • Robert,

    We’ve noticed that you’re a bit saltly about the Game Center also being nominated, and that just makes us sad. Perhaps it’s for the best that you take that whole paragraph down. Perhaps we could offer you something for your trouble. Perhaps something…like this?

    – Dylan
    Program Coordinator, NYU Game & Roast Beef Center