Retro Games Round-up + how to make your own Zelda.

So we had a Retro Games Arcade¬†event last Friday that was pretty sweet. Even a Virtual Boy was there; he had, um, a really good personality, that nice boy. Also, the Vectrex caught my eye — it had one of those extremely convenient and easy-to-use multi-games-in-one cartridges, where you had to switch the pins on the circuit board to choose which game to play. You have to see these vector CRT games in-person, the brightness is so intense, and it just makes you realize how LCD screens are destroying America.

Sometimes I miss the weight and feel of game cartridges… as I walk the mean streets with my Walkman, saying “23 skidoo” to hoodlums and whippersnappers. Beef, it’s what’s for dinner! Let’s watch M*A*S*H!

More importantly, I’m writing this post to tell you something extremely important: you can make Zelda mods and new levels for the original Legend of Zelda.TIGSource has the scoop on “Zelda Classic” and its bevy of custom dungeons and stuff. You can thank me for changing your life later — less talk, more playing custom Zelda mods! For FREE!

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