Thesis 2012: Dental Play / Naked Mouth

As the semester draws to a close, we’d like to preview some of the cool games-related thesis projects getting built at Parsons. Come play them at the MFADT Thesis show opening, May 6th, 7-10 PM at 6 East 16th Street // 2 West 13th Street. (And yes, there will be beer.)

DENTAL PLAY / NAKED MOUTH, a game console / medical device for dental patients to occupy themselves as their mouths get renovated, by Ming-Che Tu.

One Response to “Thesis 2012: Dental Play / Naked Mouth

  • kanyangli
    12 years ago

    I heard that during the user testing, this “distraction” was able to help patients get over the so-called “phantom pain.” Very interesting concept!