Thesis 2012: Guardians of the City

As the semester draws to a close, we’d like to preview some of the cool games-related thesis projects getting built at Parsons. Come play them at the MFADT Thesis show opening, May 6th, 7-10 PM at 6 East 16th Street // 2 West 13th Street. (And yes, there will be beer.)

GUARDIANS OF THE CITY, a superhero street art project to empower children to roleplay for a brighter future, by Liz Belfer and Lea Faminiano.

One Response to “Thesis 2012: Guardians of the City

  • kanyangli
    12 years ago

    Every time we talk about this project in Game Workshop, Liz always has amazing stories to tell about kids and their superhero creations. Their superpower solutions to their problems is probably the most concentrated, innocent, emotional, and straight-forward ones I have ever heard.