Welcome to Games @ Parsons

Hey there! Games @ Parsons is the semi-official, somewhat sanctioned, rebellious “cool kid” of the academic game design blog cafeteriasphere. Here’s what’s on offer, at least for the extent of this semester:

  • Reports from GDC 2012, by students / for students.
  • Profiles of the cool stuff we’ve made and are making
  • Plain-spoken discussion of our research
  • Cool games events that anyone in NYC can attend
  • Critiques of indie games and mainstream games
  • Interviews with smart people and faculty
  • Guest posts by smart people and faculty
  • Constant plugging of why Parsons is a cool place to attend if you’re interested in studying video games or other forms of digital / analog media

Yes, we will actually update this blog consistently. Part of the mission of this blog is to better communicate to the public what we academics do up in our ivory tower, and we believe that you’ll get just as excited as us once you’ve read about it.

You can also follow our Twitter (@parsonsgames) if you’re into that.

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